USB or AC Battery Charger Solar Panel for Cell Phone MP3, MP4 and Digital Camera PDA

  • This product is multi-function solar emergency charger. Energy and environmental conservation
  • When outdoors or cutting power, you can use your mobile phone with solar energy
  • Energy saving sunlight automatically, USB or AC connector plug directly
  • Your you can talk with others when loading
  • Compact and lightweight

Specification: # Modem design, stainless steel case, small size, convenient to carry with you # Over voltage protection for the circuit and your mobile phone, Smart charge, safe use # Provide emergency power supply for their portable digital players # Dimensions: 18.5 * 15 * # 4cmPeso net: 7.00 ounce # Solar powered: 10 ~ 15 hours for full charge # USB: 3 ~ 5 hours for full charge # Current output: 400 -800mAContenido Package: 1 x Solar Panel USB Charger for Mobile Phone / MP3 / PDA1 x Adapter Cable USB2 cable CA1 adaptadoresAdaptadores x 4x

USB or AC Solar Battery Panel Charger For Cell Phone MP3 MP4 Digital Camera PDA


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