Solar Power Systems

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The new age of environmental rescue is at hand. It’s clear when one observes history that civilizations oftentimes bring themselves to the brink of destruction before they will embrace change.

Solar power systems are an adaptation to our current energy infrastructure that will reduce our use of fossil fuels through a renewable resource.

It is within our grasp to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. The earth is wonderfully able to rebound from this crisis as it has with every previous crisis. Not all species have survived but the earth itself, and life on it, will.

Here’s how we can begin to make the positive climate changes we need to rejuvenate the earth.

  • It is a priority to recognize and address the high rates of carbon release into our atmosphere which at the present levels and higher will cause much suffering for future generations. For the most part this means by the burning of fossil fuels. We need to find alternative forms of energy to power our motor vehicles. Many promising technologies for powering vehicles currently exist and are being further developed by the day; whether it be solar, Hydrogen cell, biodiesel, or electric, all are more environmentally conscious than gasoline.

Also on the list of ‘have to go’ practices, is the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. For the everyday person who is not so handy this is a simple task.

  • Technological advances in the science and efficiency of solar power systems, has made it really cost effective for most people to consider a solar power installation either on their home or nearby. This will allow the homeowner to begin taking the burden off the dirty energy generators and will have the added benefit of financial savings for the homeowner.
  • As the solar power system develops, additional panels can be added to increase the generation and savings. With the necessary investment in energy efficient appliances and possibly the development of either a solar heating system using hot water circulated through your home, or the installation of a geothermal system, the homeowner will have the ability to get completely off the grid.

For those in regions without constant sunshine, it is understandable to want a back-up source of power, should the solar cells not be able to harness enough sunlight on a particular day. Of course a small wind turbine would help out there too.

Net metering is the optimal method of metering by your utility company. Imagine how wonderful it would be if our solar power system was able to generate enough surplus electricity to send back out to those who cannot, for whatever reason, develop energy self-sufficiency. That would be the greatest gift we could give the Earth and her children.


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