Produce Your Own Electricity System by Using the Home Made Energy Manual

Windmax HY600-3 750 Watt Max 24-Volt 3-Blade Residential Wind Generator KitDid you know that for very little money and time, you could build an attractive and fully functional solar or wind power system? You can and one done and being used, the average savings off your monthly electric bill would be a whopping 80%. Today, the cost of energy is too high and people are starting to fight back. Instead of just accepting the ongoing and increasing high cost of electricity, you can do something about it, starting with reading the Home Made Energy eBook.

What makes the information in Home Made Energy so interesting is that it makes power plants and electric companies nervous. After all, the more people begin to make solar power for electricity the less they will rely on conventional services. Then, with the cost of energy always on the rise, it makes perfect sense to do something about it – now.

After reading the Home Made Energy eBook and building a solar or wind power energy system, people have been able to reduce the monthly electric bill from $150 to jut $10! Best of all, the cost associated with building solar panels or a windmill for renewable energy is very little. All you need is the information provided in the eBook, a few standard tools and materials, and time.

Keep in mind, to build your own backyard power generator, you do not have to be an engineer. The process taught in the Home Made Energy is very simple, so simple that the average person can do it. The developer of the eBook actually started out with a more complex system in mind but as he researched, tested, and prototyped his designs, he began to realize that instead of a complicated system, he needed to show the everyday person how to build a power system for little money, time, and effort.

Using the diagrams and instructions provided in the Energy2Green eBook will guide you through the design of a windmill or solar panels, or both. The result is saving a significant amount of money but also doing your part in fighting the greenhouse effect and global warming. This means while saving money on your monthly utility bill, you are also supporting a healthy environment for current and future generations to enjoy.

The creator of Energy2Green wanted to make sure that anyone could follow the instructions and end up with a viable personal generator. He hired eight groups of high school students and without the assistance of teachers, they successfully built both, using standard materials and for less than $200!

Some people will involve friends and some other family members but in both cases, building solar panels or windmills is a great group venture and an opportunity to educate others about natural energy. For families with children, they will love being a part of the building process, as well as learning how they too can fight against the greenhouse effect and global warming. With everything you need to know provided in the Home Made Energy eBook, this makes a one of a kind offer.

Some of the information includes:

* In-depth diagrams and schematics and diagrams so a windmill generating as much as 1,000 watts and solar panels producing up to 200 watts each could be built
* Detailed and easy to follow instructions
* Tips on where to find quality materials for both power systems
* Instructions for connecting the system to the home
* Scheduled maintenance instructions
* Legal advice regarding the solar powers and windmill
* Wind and solar power history
* Additional energy saving tips
* Ways of selling excess power generated to electricity companies

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