You Will Find a Lot More Benefits to Alternative Energy Than Disadvantages

Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and Social FeasibilityLike anything in life, consumers are looking for better solutions to enhance energy consumption. The rise in gas prices and our existing sources being depleted, efforts are being made to find reliable alternative resources.

Considering that it is sustainable and won’t run out, renewable energy has a big advantage over non-renewable sources. Another important advantage that renewable energy has is that it does not produce any harmful by-products that can harm the environment.

Particular countries are having some financial benefits by using renewable energy sources. These projects are located in regions away from cities while others are getting full advantage. Even local services as well as tourism were able to increase with the money brought in with the renewable energy. At this point, the amount of renewable energy getting produced is definitely no where near what fossil fuels can produce. Another problem with alternative energy is that the supply is not always dependable. Some renewable sources count on the weather to generate the energy supply. Variations in weather occur no matter where in the world these energy sources are used.

Solar energy is definitely an economical and free resource for generating energy. The sun is able to give off ample energy to replace the electricity from standard sources, but it has limitations. Not enough solar energy can be made in places where it rains frequently or is located at high latitudes. Another renewable source is wind energy which is capable of replacing up to 20% of the non-renewable sources being used to create electricity. In the process of converting the energy, no harmful gases are produced, which makes it a source of energy that is extremely friendly to the environment. To produce wind energy, large windmills located at high latitudes and near coastlines are essential.
Ocean, Tidal, and Wave Energy: Power from the Sea (Energy Revolution)
Two energy sources that are available from water are tidal energy and also hydroelectric power, where one uses dams and the other the natural tides from the ocean. They are both clean methods of producing energy but they both have disadvantages. Energy via hydroelectric dams is extremely expensive because putting a dam on a river costs a lot. Tidal energy can easily work great as long as they are built in very specific areas that have very distinct conditions. The wildlife in the area can be impacted by the presence of a tidal power plant.

While you will discover disadvantages for some forms of renewable energy, that doesn’t mean we should not look at them. The fossil fuels that we use produce harmful gases and cannot compare to the benefits offered by renewable sources. We are still learning what is out there and we are going to continue to find new and safer ways to produce energy.

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